AllCare’s a popular name!

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Recently there has been news of a dental clinic named Allcare Dental and Dentures closing their offices nationwide due to financial reasons.

We need to clarify that we, ALLCARE ORTHODONTIC CENTER, under the sole supervision of Dr. Budi Kusnoto, is NOT AFFILIATED in any way with any Allcare Dental and Dentures clinics, a New York-based dental chain. It’s simply a matter of two different companies operating under a similar name.

ALLCARE ORTHODONTIC CENTER, in care of Dr. Budi Kusnoto, is operating well and strong. We are committed to providing the highest quality of orthodontic care possible for our patients by doing our best in keeping everyone well informed and well taken care of.

For more information please call 312-804-8304 and/or visit our website

Thank you for your continued trust in AllCare Orthodontic Center!

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