Practice Management Seminar

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On April 14, 2013, Dr. Budi Kusnoto held a Practice Management Seminar for over twenty orthodontic residents and recent orthodontic graduates at his private practice, AllCare Orthodontic Center.

One of our guest speaker, Ms. Karen Moawad, shared her unique experience in practice management with the young orthodontists. She covered topics such as doctor-time scheduling, systems organization, integration of associates and partners, personnel related policies and systems, compensation assessment, incentive programs, and staffing recommendations.

Dr. Kusnoto considered it is important to provide orthodontic professionals with practical and useful updates regarding practice management in order to improve the efficiency of orthodontic practice and the quality of orthodontic care.

Ms. Moawad’s presentation reinforced the many beliefs that Dr. Kusnoto expresses everyday at his clinic: cohesive teamwork, positive attitudes, and efficient judgment, just to name a few. “Ms. Moawad offered many useful advice and tips on business management and people skills.” said Susan Cai, front desk receptionist at AllCare Orthodontic Center. “The most important lesson I took away from her lecture was: People never remember every word you say, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” Being able to maintain a professional image in a highly emotional environment is essential to keep healthy relationships and manage a successful practice.

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