Braces for All Ages Seminar Helping Dentists Detect Early Orthodontic Problems in Children

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On October 16, 2013, AllCare Orthodontic Center (@AllCareOrtho Facebookand @AllCareOrtho Twitter) and Rocky Mountain Orthodontics (@RMOOrtho Facebook) organized a dental educational seminar for an exclusive group of general dentists.

Guest speaker Dr. Nelson Oppermann from Brazil presented a lecture on “Braces for all ages, detecting early orthodontic problems in children and rectifying problems in adult and adolescence.”

Dr. Oppermann is an active and enthusiastic professor and lecturer, being visited many countries for teaching. He obtained his Orthodontics Specialty Certificate in 1993 from Dentists Association of Sao Paulo and Master Degree in oral sciences focus in orthodontics in 2003 from SL Mandic dental School – Campinas – Brazil. Dr. Oppermann has been involved with the Bioprogressive and Sectional Mechanics Studies. His connection to Dr. Robert Ricketts years ago and presence in several studies on this subjects help this development. Dr. Oppermann’s knowledge in growth and development of the human craniofacial complex together to Ricketts cephalometric analysis and diagnostics system gives another perspective to treatment planning.  He is currently an adjunct speaker professor at the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Attendees of the seminar received two continuing education credits and had an opportunity to communicate with other dental professionals in the neighborhood. The event was sponsored by AllCare Orthodontic Center and  Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, one of the top orthodontic product manufacturers.

“We’ve had an enjoyable evening,” said Dr. Kusnoto. “Local dentists responded to our invitation with a great deal of enthusiasm. Our guests have specifically remarked on the informative lecture and warm atmosphere of the night. The seminar provided a great opportunity to learn about how to detect early orthodontic problems in children and what orthodontic treatments can correct those problems in early age to prevent from more serious dental, orthodontic and craniofacial problems in adolescence and adults.”

The dentists attending the seminars shown strong interest in Dr. Oppermann’s presentation and raised many questions. “The seminar is very informative and helpful. I really appreciate Dr. Kusnoto and Dr. Oppermann for the opportunity to enrich our knowledge in dentistry and orthodontics.” said Dr. Hilary Cheng who is a dental practitioner in Bridgeport with more than 30 years of experiences. “The cases Dr. Oppermann presented are impressive. They gave me more insight of the importance of detecting early orthodontic problems in children and treating them with proper methods to correct the mal-occlusal problems.”

This is the second continual education seminar Dr. Kusnoto organized at AllCare Orthodontic Center. He plans to organize more events of this kind in the future. He finds it very beneficial for an orthodontic specialists to discuss current developments in the field of dentistry with the dental professionals.

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