AllCare Team Attending the AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) Meeting in Chicago

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Every member at Allcare dedicates a tremendous amount of time and energy to achieve in excellence that we do. That’s why Dr. Kusnoto and his team attend various continuing educational courses/programs to stay on the cutting edge of ever-changing science of orthodontics. This year, Dr. Budi Kusnoto and his AllCare team attended the 2011 AAO Annual Session held May 13-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago. The AAO Meeting in Chicago attracted 6,763 orthodontists from all over the world in attendance – a record number. Nearly 3,700 orthodontic staff members joined the doctors at the meeting, along with more than 3,400 guests. Also in attendance were exhibitor representatives from 320 companies – another record number.

A narrative from Emily Chen who attended the AAO Meeting with Dr. Kusnoto and other team members:

“The last time I stepped into the McCormick Center’s West Building, it was for a convention that promoted a healthy planet through products, lectures, and literature. Six months later, as I walked through the same doors again, it was for a convention that also promoted through products, lectures, and literature – this time for a healthy smile. From construction and design concepts to, well, construction and design concepts (albeit on a much smaller scale), the Chicago American Association of Orthodontics Convention promotes more than straight teeth: it also emphasizes the importance of a professional image. The lectures I’ve attended with my fellow AllCare coworkers reinforced the many beliefs that Dr. Kusnoto expresses everyday at his clinic: cohesive teamwork, positive attitudes, and efficient judgment, just to name a few. The lectures offered many useful advice and tips on business management and people skills, but the most important lesson I took away from the AAO was this: “People never remember every word you say, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” Being able to maintain a professional image in a highly emotional environment is essential to keeping healthy relationships and managing a successful practice. With a cotton candy cone in hand from one of the exhibits, I left the AAO convention with a sweet taste in my mouth and an even sweeter feeling in my heart from all the lessons I’ve learned, both professionally and personally.”


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