Type of Braces

A variety of orthodontic “appliances” are available today, thanks to on-going research in orthodontics. Options include traditional metal braces, tooth-colored ceramic braces, braces that go behind the teeth, clear aligners and other devices, as appropriate. Check with the orthodontists at AllCare about the best way to achieve your treatment goals.


Brackets can be made of metal, ceramic or plastic or combinations of these materials. Some metal brackets are silver-colored, but some are gold-colored. Ceramic brackets are typically clear or tooth-colored and are generally used by patients who want to minimize the visibility of their braces. After all, braces are far more attractive than crooked teeth.


Braces are Far More Attractive Than Crooked Teeth from AAO on Vimeo.

Here are a few examples of different types of braces most commonly used for orthodontic purposes.

» Traditional metal braces
Example: 3M Unitek Metal BracketsRMO Synergy Brackets
» Ceramic braces
Example: 3M Unitek Clarity BracketsRMO Luxi II Brackets
» Clear ceramic braces 
Example: 3M Clarity Brackets
» Clear polished sapphire braces
Example: AO Radiance Brackets
» Low friction braces 
Example: Damon
» Lingual braces 
Example: 3M IncognitoAOA lingual braces 
» Invisible braces
Example: Invisalign