I have been a patient for 3+ years at AllCare. They are very accommodating and flexible with rescheduling appointments and walk-ins when I need immediate and unexpected care. They are always super friendly, answered all of my questions and took care of me well throughout my journey with braces. Thanks! – Whitney K.

The doctors and the rest of the staff are extremely kind, experienced, and professional. They made my orthodontic treatment enjoyable and I would recommend the office to anyone looking to receive orthodontic treatment. – John R.

The staff is really kind. They really have the passion to work and treat every patient with care. Also, they are strict when they need to be. For example, when you get lazy and stop wearing your rubber bands, they’ll remind you to make sure that you’re wearing it everyday. After all, the experience was great and unforgettable. Definitely recommend All Care if you’re trying to get braces. – Ray L.

For the past 2 years that we have been coming to All Care, the doctors, as well as the staff, have been absolutely amazing. They are quick, clean, accurate, accommodating to our needs whether it’d be a loose wire and attentive! This was the best place to have taken my daughter to! – M. Ngan