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  • Wed

    AllCare Orthodontic Center Invisalign Special Event

    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM842 W. 31st Street, Chicago, IL 60608

    Fall in love ❤️ with your smile this Valentine’s Day during our annual Invisalign event. Save big on Invisalign treatment and reveal your most aesthetic smile  #AllCareOrtho #Invisalign #ClearAligner #HealthySmile Complimentary orthodontic consultation, 3D smile evaluation & treatment simulation, lunch and snacks for all guests. Seats are limited. RSVP via email ( by Feb 8, 2020.

    Invisalign Special Event 02-12-2020 English

    AllCare牙齿矫正中心Invisalign隐适美咨询日将定于2020年2月12日中午12点至1点举行。我们将为您提供免费牙齿矫正咨询,3D口腔扫描,治疗模拟,还有免费午餐及饮品。选择Invisalign隐适美牙齿矫正,将获300美元优惠及24月免利息分期付款计划。名额有限,报名从速。诊所电话 312-804-8304,电邮,地址 842 W. 31st Street, Chicago, IL 60608.

    Invisalign Special Event 02-12-2020 Chinese