Holiday Tips & Treats"/>

Holiday Tips & Treats

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November 25, 2013 by allcare

Holidays are around the corner. During the holiday seasons,  we wish you a great holiday to you and your loved ones. As part of tradition, holidays always bring joy to everyone which always been followed by delicious meals. We often forget to keep our teeth clean, especially after crispy, sticky and ultra-sweet meals and snacks.
AllCare would like to remind you and your loved ones to take extra time to make sure teeth are clean. The main concern is to keep braces clean and teeth free of plaque. Keep your smile healthy, limit daily snack intake and eat nutritious, well balanced meals made up of foods from five major food groups:

  1. Breads, cereals or other grains
  2. Fruits (Cut into small pieces for braces users)
  3. Vegetables (Also cut into small pieces for braces users)
  4. Meat, fish, poultry or protein alternates (again, cut into small pieces for braces user)
  5. Milk, yogurt or shredded cheese

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