Continuing Educational Course for Dentists by Award-Winning Author Landy Chase

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September 12, 2014. Chicago, IL – AllCare Orthodontic Center, Rocket Mountain Orthodontics and 3M ESPE  co-sponsored an outstanding continuing educational course for dentists and orthodontists at AllCare Orthodontic Center on Friday, September 12, 2014.

This continuing educational course was featured by Landy Chase, a nationally recognized consultant and award-winning author who specializes in training orthodontic practices to increase the start rate of prospective patients. Landy Chase is the author of “Competitive Selling” and “Yes to Treatment”. His dynamic and unique ideas on developing and expanding dentists’ productivity have earned him reputation as one of the most sought after consultant in the dental field.

Dr. Kusnoto considered it is important to provide dental and orthodontic professionals with practical and useful updates regarding practice management in order to improve the efficiency of orthodontic practice and the quality of orthodontic care. This CE course attracted more than thirty dental professionals, including general dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists and oral hygienists, in the neighborhood to attend. Attendees received two continuing education credits and had an opportunity to communicate with other dental professionals.

Landy Chase CE Course at AllCare Orthodontic Center

Landy Chase, a nationally recognized speaker, author and consultant, presenting to dental professionals.

Landy Chase Presenting at AllCare Orthodontic Center

Landy Chase presenting his unique insights in marketing and practice management at AllCare Orthodontic Center.

AllCare Sponsored CE Course for Dental Professionals

More than 30 dental professionals attended the Landy Chase CE Course at AllCare Orthodontic Center.

Raffle Winner Dr. Isaac Yue

Congratulations to Dr. Isaac Yue (Left) who won an LED light cure sponsored by 3M Unitek!

Happy guests at the CE Course

Dr. Isaac Yue, Dr. Saleh Al-Kharsa, Dr. Vincent Arpino, and Dr. Budi Kusnoto

Raffle Winner Dr. Sevila Yee

Congratulations to Dr. Sevila Yee (Middle) who won an iPad Mini at the CE Course!

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