Celebrating “Braces Off” to our Super Star Patient

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Congratulations to our super star patient Madison for her braces off! Enjoy your back-to-school life with this gorgeous smile!

It was such a great pleasure to receive a hand-written thank-you note from Madison’s father!
The message reads as the followings: “In a testimonial that is long overdue, I take a pen in hand to provide witness to your incredible staff and extraordinary service.
Ever since my daughter started this journey to improve the formation of her teeth some years ago, I have considered myself lucky that she is under your always delight care. With every visit my daughter has made, I am continuously struck with how clean your office is. But my impression goes well beyond that. Your staff of office attendants and assistants is superior: certainly friendly; certainly well-trained; a great reflection of this practice’s professionalism.
Now that the time for removal of her braces is approaching, she steadfastly wears her rubber-bands to perfect her smile, just as you, Dr. Kusnoto, devote yourself to a perfect experience from your clients, and it has been from this one. Thank you!”
We would like to say “Thank You!” to you, Mr. C, and all patients who appreciate the orthodontic service and experience at AllCare. We will strive our best to delivery more smiles to you and your family!

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