AllCare Orthodontic Center’s OrthoFX Open House Event

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Thank all the guests who attended AllCare Orthodontic Center’s OrthoFX Open House Event in person and virtually via Zoom yesterday! Dr. Katerine Cardona’s presentation provided the audience a lot of information about the benefits of having straight teeth, different types of orthodontic appliances, how OrthoFX clear aligners work, and smile transformation cases with the help of OrthoFX clear aligners. The Smile Team at AllCare Orthodontic Center is always passionate about the cutting edge technology that help our patients to create the most esthetic smiles possible. Feel free to contact our office to reserve your complimentary initial consultation with our orthodontic specialists to talk about how to build a healthy and confident smile you have been dreaming of. #AllCareOrtho #Smiles #OpenHouse #OrthoFX #ClearAligners #SmileTransformation


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