Thank you AllCare Orthodontic Center for giving me a straight smile. I didn’t have a beautiful teeth before. But now I feel very comfortable with my teeth.

I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Kusnoto. He is very patient and kind. I also want to give thanks to staff. They use phone call to remind me for my appointments. I really grateful to them. – Joanne Z.

The stuff at Allcare are really nice and friendly! The dentist is very professional and skilled. Therefore, they made the experience much more shorter and efficiently. I definitely recommend it! – Yu Z.

After hearing all the positive feedback from my friends, I decided to get my braces here and I’m so glad I did! Dr.Kusnoto as well as the staff were all attentive and patient throughout the process!! Thank you Allcare for everything! – Nancy W.

Many thanks to Dr. Kusnoto and the fantastic team at AllCare Orthodontic! After 1.5 years of wearing braces and maintaining them with all the brushing, flossing, and chopping food into tiny pieces, they came off today. I could not believe the great and healthy smile that remained with teeth in perfect alignment. Thanks again to the folks at AllCare Orthodontic for taking great care and making this process an easy one! – Wayne H.