I came here with a really bad cross-bite problem that prevented me from closing my mouth properly and being able to chew something as simple as spaghetti. I had some jaw pain as a result of this. I went to two dentists before seeing Dr. Kusnoto, and they both told me I needed to do this really complicated jaw surgery. Then my friend introduced me to AllCare. Dr. Kusnoto took one look at my teeth, took me to remove my wisdom teeth, and presented to me a plan to correct my bite. Everything was done on the computer and you can see all these models showing how your teeth will move in the next few months — very sophisticated. I had braces for 13 months, and just took them off today. Not only does my bite look great, but I can now eat anything from carrots to tough steak. I’m very grateful! – Gloria S.

The staff and Dr. Kusnoto are very friendly and nice!! I got my braces off a few months before I was told because Dr. Kusnoto encouraged me to keep wearing my daily rubber bands by always telling me how good the process of my braces were going! I also recommended many of my friends and now even my brother is going here and I went to many orthodontic centers and this one is by far the best one I’ve been to! – Stella T.

My braces experience went well. Thanks to the staff here! They are very nice and friendly and also patient with me. Whenever I come here, I feel welcomed. They also called my me in advance to remind me of my appointment so that I won’t forget which is very helpful. I am glad I have them to take care of my braces! Very satisfied! – Kelly Z.

AllCare is a great orthodontic center that really tries to give you the best smile possible! The staff are friendly and always give you a reminder call for your appointments. The place is clean, have free wifi, and offers coffee (although you shouldn’t be drinking that if you have braces). A few times too many I had broken brackets or the brackets would somehow go sideways and they were very helpful in trying to fix it. One Thanksgiving morning, I had a sideways bracket and couldn’t fix it with a tweezer myself. I had to call in for help because it was pretty painful and I want to eat lots during that day. They were kind enough to open the place for a 2 min fix. I would recommend this place to a friend! – Jing C.